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Sculptors and artisans explain, in words and images, the importance of Pietrasanta as a benchmark for artists and they help us to introduce the Partart project.

Partart, Pietrasanta Arts and Crafts

Craftmanship and industry: excellence

Pietrasanta, small town in the territory of Lucca and important Versilian centre, is internationally renown for bronze and marble work and for its workshops that led so many artists and sculptors to move to what can be considered a city of Arts.

The foreign artists, permanently residing in Pietrasanta, found a magical and deeply inspiring atmosphere due to the quality of craftmanship, boasting a thousand-year tradition, and to the natural beauty and cultural climate you can experience in the town and in its surroundings.

Swedish sculptress Yamisi Wilson who has permanently moved to Pietrasanta, compares the town to a workshop and describes it as full of artists and artisans. However, the real strength of Pietrasanta is in the artsans’expertise – as Argentinian artist Veronica Fonzo explains, they are extremely skilled, they can carry out any ideas or projects.

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Pietrasanta, the territory

A town that lies deep in a wonderful natural environment, set in the majestic landscape between the Apuan Alps and the sea.

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Cosmave is a non-profit consortium that promotes the activity of the Versilia marble industry.

London Exhibition

You are invited!

La Galleria – Pall Mall
30, Royal Opera Arcade
London SW 1Y4UY
16th 18t October 2012

Associazione Amici del Centro Arti Visive di Pietrasanta

Amici del Centro Arti Visive di Pietrasanta

The “Associazione Amici del Centro Arti Visive di Pietrasanta” – a non-profit, independent, nonpartisan and undenominational – is born this year with the following goals: to promote and facilitate the information campaigns designed to increase knowledge of the territory

Botero, interview

An interview with the Master Botero inaugurates the Partart project.

Partart, Sistema Pietrasanta, il progetto dettaglio marmo

Marble and artisans

A unique network of workshops. Here in Pietrasanta artists and international stars can find the best support to the making of their works and installations. Modelling, enlargement, making, moving: the secrets of the special relationship between artists and artisans.